Monday, September 3, 2012


Well, well, well…so this is my blog?!!?  Yes, it's been WEEKS since I posted my first post…Holy moly how did that happen?  Let me see…I could say I stayed away because:  1) it was the beginning of the new school year, 2) I felt like I couldn't match up to any of you great bloggers, 3) I was just too bloomin' tired and wanted to catch up on my sleep, 4) I caught up on being a mom (the best reason of all), or finally 5) I just was scared.  Yup, I'll go with #5 SCARED !!!! …you know that thing known as FEAR?!  Then something happened when I woke up on this beautiful day in SoCal, I realized "What the heck do I have to be SCARED about?"  Really…why should I feel like a deer frozen, staring into oncoming headlights?  I shouldn't!  There is nothing to be worried about...Nothing!  I forgot for a moment that I am a teacher in a BlogLand full of educators and this is where I am free to learn and be encouraged by my colleagues…So, here I am…back for my restart.

So here I go... It's Labor day and I am finding myself wanting to drive to work and organize my class for the new week (since I didn't bother to before I left for the long weekend).  I'm sure, like some of you, when Friday afternoon rolled around, you had more on your mind then prepping for the upcoming week.  I, myself, was more interested in getting home so I could head to my daughter's first home football game, rather than stay to plan and organize.  But reality set in…and it is time to get a move on…so off I go, off to my class, off to my wonderful world of Kinder.

….Now, if I would only remember to take pics so I can show you what my class looks like this year.  I'll be back with those and tips soon.

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