Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Currently Time…short & sweet

Well, it may be August 11th but I finally made it to the ever popular monthly Currently linky party hosted by Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.  Yes, I may be a little late and by the time I'm finished with this post & link it up, I'm sure to be somewhere in the mix of 500 other linkers, but that's ok right?  So, let me just get to it - here goes...

Remember...jump on over to Farley's post and join the fun.

Oh, and be on the look out for my classroom reveal of this year's new look.  It's coming soon to a blog near you. 

Happy Sunday!! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loving Words to New Teachers...


I wanted to share with you a wonderful linky party that Deb Thomas at Fabulously First is hosting.  Each year she asks other "seasoned" teachers to leave some loving words to help all the wonderful new teachers transition into our amazing career.  Below you will find my words.  Please take a moment to jump over to Deb's blog and read all the heartfelt ideas.  I'll leave another link at the bottom of my post.  
Love and Hugs!

Here's the link to jump over to Fabulously First.  

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently July…(a lil' early)

Hello…IT'S ME!  I'm returning to the blog world after taking a few months off.  I'd love to give you a reason as to why I've been away but truly, it's really just a combination of things that have kept me from the fun world of Blogging.  So I'm starting off with baby steps by jumping into a Currently Linky hosted by the fabulous Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Please go and check out the amazing bloggers that have linked up already.  Just remember the rule of three.  You can also grab your template to do your own Currently too.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

Instagram Me!

It's Instagram time!  Do you Instagram?  Do you have an account?  If not, it's time to get started and join the fun if you haven't done so yet.  The great ladies over at Apples and ABCs and What the Teacher Wants have teamed up and started an Instagram Linky Party called #teachertalktuesday that's about to roll out.
So join the fun won't you… 

Here's how you can find me & my Instagram.  It's a mixture of teacher & family fun…

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…just don't forget to label your pic with #teachertalktuesday !!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A "Complement" for ART DAY

Hi Friends!

Well, yesterday was our annual "Art Day" at our school and as expected, ALL the kids had a great time.  We spent our day complementing each other as well as the colors of our project which you'll see in a bunch of pictures. 

 Anywho, our day works like this:  Kinderoos arrive and immediately are thrown into a tizzy when all they have to do is hang up their backpacks.  Several kinderoos question the break in our morning routine and ask.  "Wait a minute Ms. H…what about our homework and our folders?"  My reply..."My little love bugs, you don't need anything." {Insert quizzical looks!}

As we gathered on the rug waiting patiently for my few late ones to arrive, I had my fabulous assistant applying stickers to shirts that let them know what color group they were going to be in for the day.   "What's this for Ms. H?" "Huh?  I don't get it, I'm not a circle today?" "What are we going to do?"  Oh my word…the questions were just shooting out of their mouths left and right…KPOW! BOOM! WHACK!  Boy oh boy, did I feel like I was in an episode of Batman…all I needed was my Bat Mobile to escape.  But alas, I knew I had to answer just enough of their questions to calm the kidneroos and all in the span of the TWO minutes I had left to stay on track of our down to the minute schedule we needed to keep. 

Next, it was time to divide my kinderoos into their groups.  One group was going to start in the computer lab with two of my dad volunteers.  They were more than happy to be the Computer Dad's for the day :)  Lucky me!  Then, I sent one group to my partner teacher and I kept one…then the others arrived.  Now it was time to get the show started.

"Natalia, your blue sweater looks so cute with your orange socks."  (Thank goodness I had some kinderoos who's we wearing the colors I needed for my lesson to go well)

"Ian, your yellow Spongebob shirt and your purple sweatshirt look really cool today."

"Dylan, the orange shirt your grandma bought you for your birthday has some pretty nice blue letters written all over it…It makes your face light up." 

As I went around the room and tried to give every student a complement of some sort I then sat back when I asked them to complement each other (some needed a little prompting…) but all in all they did pretty good.  

Then it was time to reveal our fun (and easy) art project.  

Complementary Color Squares!  

We talked about how it feels to receive a compliment and that how amazing it was that colors gave complements too.  We tried matching up color squares and as we found the colors that "complemented" each other we glued them down on my sample paper.   

I sent them back armed with directions and let them get started…and here's what we did  in three class rotations of 45 MINUTES each !!!  Woot! Woot!

Here's where I found the idea...

All in all, we had a great day…58 kinderoos made this fun art project.  Not too shabby!  Oh, and if you're wondering about the prep time and organization of it all:

1 hr cutting and folding 18 x18 white paper & 2 hrs cutting over 1,200 big squares and way too many 2000+ little squares.  :)

Zippy bags are heaven! 

I think your kinderoos might love this so give it a try…

Happy to be back blogging again.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Smellicious Days & Currently February

Hi Friends…

I want to share with you what has changed my life in my classroom of kinderoos.  We now celebrate with Smellicious yummy days/hours/minutes and in some cases even seconds ;).   I wish I knew who orginally came up with this fabulous idea so I could give credit and say THANK YOU…but I don't so I'm hoping one of you all may be able to help.  Anywho, here is a picture of what makes my kinderoos happy campers.  

Just dap a little on their hand and voila!

...and according to on of my kinderoos Jarrett, "No more stickers Ms. H, this is way more better!"

Pick your flavor…Root Beer is the top choice followed by grape, Vanilla Coke, and Sprite

The Kinderoos love being able to pick the flavor for the day.

Patiently waiting...

It's Grape-ishly delicious! 

I keep two buckets so I am always in reach.

Smellicious…it's a beautiful thing!

Now…CURRENTLY February

Hello power outage…really? How does this happen?  

So, about this month's Currently…
It's Superbowl Sunday and personally I'm not a huge fan of with team but I'm pulling for the Ravens…just because.  How is your Superbowl going for you?  I've been watching with one eye while clipart shopping on both TpT & TN…FUN!!!  Make sure to head over to Farley's Oh Boy Fourth Grade and remember to follow the rules for her linky.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  

Next up…Open House on Tuesday.  I'll have lots of pics.  


Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's January 13th…when did that happen?  I'm a little behind but not so far behind that I can't still link up with Farley and her monthly Currently.  So here it is…

Make sure to head over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade and check out all the other Currently links…last I looked there were 425.  WOW!