Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Fun

Just thought I'd share a little of the fun we had today in class.  We spent the last several days reading storybooks about becoming President, learning how to cast a vote, practicing voting by deciding which is better Cats vs. Dogs (DOGS!) and then today before lunch, we held our own classroom election.  The little kinderoos could hardly wait for lunch to be over because they were SO SO SO excited to know the results.  Well finally, after the bell rang (way to soon in my book) we gathered around the back cabinet and read the ballots…ohhhh the excitement!!!  Here's a few pics of our day…

Our Voting Booth

Long lines at the polls today :)


More decisions...

Ballot reading...

Room 14's Elections Results
I'm so proud of my Little Kinderoos…they did a great job today.  Oh, and a BIG shout out thank you to Mr. Greg over at Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten for the fabulous Election unit…we had a blast!


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    1. Thanks Cindy…the kinderoos really had a fun time voting. They felt like "big" people. Today's agenda is to try and explain the real outcome of yesterday's election and have them understand that although our class had it's own outcome it wasn't the Nation's outcome. Time to reread Grace for President. :)