Saturday, August 11, 2012

My MegaBucks!

I can’t believe it...I have a blog.  I’ve been wanting to start one ever since I became an active blog stalker about 11 months ago.  Who knew a world like this existed?  Not I!  Really, I’m not kidding, I had not a clue as to what a blog was until one day when I was tooling around on the internet looking for some great  ideas for Kinder when I stumbled across Kindergarten Crayons.  Wowie, did I hit the bloggy jackpot!  I really felt like I was in Vegas playing a slot machine and hit MegaBucks!  

Having been teaching for 20+ years and fresh back into Kinder, I couldn’t take my fingers off my mouse and I kept clicking away.  Every click lead me to something new...whether it was a great new idea, a new blog, or the best yet...a FREEBIE!!!  It was wonderful.  But unlike the commercials “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” this (the teaching world of blogging) “happen” needs to be talked about…and shared!

Maybe on your first discovery of a blog you felt the same way I did...that kid in the candy store moment or better yet for some of us gals...that feeling you get when you walk into a huge shoe warehouse that has aisles and aisles of shoes upon shoes just waiting for your feet to slip right in and be taken home.  Yup, I had all those feelings the day I discovered what a blog actually was.

I hope with Ms. Hutten's Buttons, I will be able to give as a thank you for all you fabulous bloggers out there that gave me new and fresh ideas that reinvigorated my love for teaching.  Stay tuned as I am working on freebies for you to grab by the end of the month…